Could New Immigration Rules Boost the Miami Real Estate Market Further?

Recently, President Barack Obama chose to rework the immigration system, and his plan has the potential to do some great things for real estate sales in the Miami area, at least according to some specialists. Helena Tetzeli, a corporate immigration attorney, says that President Obama wants to improve the current immigration programs so that they can help to improve investment and entrepreneurship among immigrants coming into the United States. It has the potential to expand the EB-5 Visa for immigrant investors, which allows foreign individuals to invest a million or more, or half a million if in a targeted employment area, so long as it creates or keeps at least ten jobs in the United States.

Real estate projects would certainly fall under this category for the EB-5 visa. It may also be possible to create other similar programs that could help to encourage immigration to the United States for investors who have an interest in real estate. Many developers in the region are already using the EB-5 visa as a means to help fund development in both the commercial and the residential areas.

Who Might Immigrate and Invest?

It seems as though much of the world has a focus on the Miami area when it comes to development and investment. European investors, as well as those from South America and China are looking for many different types of investments. Some want to work with developers, while others are simply looking to buy an investment property or two. By bringing more foreign investment to the area, it is better for the overall economy. Some developers have already been benefiting. Tibor Hollo, is a good example. The construction cost for the property is more than $800 million, but with the help of foreign investment, they are able to meet that number.

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